Monday, September 27, 2010


Call The Cops!
Motion Sickness
March 3, 2009

Powerpop fans, embrace. Call The Cops! backs one hell of a punch in the music industry. Straight from Long Beach, this five piece band brings you some awesome tunes. Particularly "Love Like Novocaine" struck me as amazing. The best thing about this band is they try to keep the traditional powerpop sound, but do it in a way only Call the Cops! can. Great vocals, lyrics about girls, and synth heavy beats sums up this band. For me it is a rare occasion that I can actually listen to a band and enjoy their ENTIRE album, but Call The Cops! is definitely an exception. Every song on this EP is better than the last, totaling up to six awesome songs.

Online a few places, I've seen people dogging this band because they claim their lyrics are "sexist" or "have degrading messages" and I have to say I firmly disagree. If you actually read the lyrics to the songs, they don't have very different messages from many other pop/punk or powerpop bands in this day and age. So if there is a sexist message, then I'm obviously missing it. Anyway, don't let people on the internet discourage you from checking out this band, they have amazing talent.

The songs "Love Like Novocaine" and "Motion Sickness" are especially great, because they have such catchy choruses. This band definitely makes you want to jam out, dance, and just party. The band, since the release of Motion Sickness in 2009, has a self-titled album out, and are continuing to expand their roots.

If you are a fan of powerpop, then check these guys out. I recommend listening to some of their stuff on PureVolume here . These guys are definitely on my list to see live. Feel free to comment!

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