Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Spin Room Interview featuring Nick Miley

One man, one band, and a lot of talent! Nick Miley is the only member of The Spin room, an indie/emo acoustic band  from New York. The band began in 2008, and with hard work and a lot of dedication, Nick has achieved incredible feats. He recorded demo songs in 2009, and since then has created quite a fan base. In the first year of The Spin Room being on Myspace, he had gotten well over 1 million plays. As to date he has now been on PureVolume's top 10 charts for over a week. That's right, Nick Miley is something to watch out for! I got the pleasure of talking with him and asking him about The Spin Room. Nick is a great guy that you can tell genuinely loves music, especially when you listen to his lyrics, and the passion that comes from behind them.

Me: How did this band [The Spin Room] start?

Nick Miley: "It started with a dream. It started with an acoustic guitar. I needed an outlet, a way that I could share my thoughts on love. There was only one thing that stood in my way. I was just a singer and a lyricist and I was used to having a band to fall back on. But in no time I picked up the acoustic guitar and started making my own music again. Then it came time to see if people were going to really dig it. So I took my guitar and strap down to the bar section of town. A ton of college kids would walk around there and bar hop and I'd find the best spot where more people were chilling outside. I had a really great reaction and began doing it more regularly. People kept telling me I needed to hit the studio, they thought I had something. So I started dreaming again. I saved up the money to record my first demo by getting tips street performing. I recorded and got them up for download immediately."

Me: What is your biggest inspiration(s)?

Nick Miley: "God, my girlfriend, my friends and my followers [fans]."

Me: Where did the name "The Spin Room" come from?

Nick Miley: "I needed a name and I was drawing a blank until I walked into a Blockbuster Video (RIP) and there was a magazine that caught my attention. One in particular "Spin Magazine". I wondered to myself what band would Spin Magaizine want to talk about. Then I instantly thought "The Spin Room." I just honestly thought it was something different and classy at the same time."

Me: Being a one man band has to be difficult, but probably has some rewards too. Can you tell us more about being a solo artist?

Nick Miley: "Being a solo artist has its ups and down, It's nice to have so much freedom. Being a solo artist means not being scared to grab an acoustic guitar and put aside the band for a moment. I love knowing I have the option to rock out acoustic whether I'm on tour or just playing a show. But I totally do plan to do full band tours in the future as well."

Me: If you could play a concert with any band or artist in the world, who would it be?

Nick Miley: "Blink 182"

If you haven't checked out The Spin Room yet, you definitely should. I'd have to say my favorite song by him has to be "Straight To Your Heart." The emo rock sound from The Spin Room is quite genuine, and is raining down on the music scene with incredible force. Nick asked me personally to say that you can get his ENTIRE EP FREE on PureVolume. So go ahead and check him out, become a fan, and download the EP. You can click here and go to his PureVolume profile. You can also follow Nick on twitter here . Feel free to leave comments!

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