Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Prettier Than You Interview featuring Rayce Harman

What would happen if you took 5 different influences and tastes from the music scene, and then ironed them out with the brand of "pop/punk"? You'd get I'm Prettier Than You. This one of the most diverse groups I have heard in the music scene lately. Their awesome EP titled Turning Pages is a massive blend of what the music scene has become today. Influences from all over the place are blended together, which creates for an interesting, unique experience. From Iowa hails the 5-piece band, I'm Prettier Than You, and they are definitely impressing quite a few people. Some of their songs have hardcore influences, others have a more pop/punk people. Some have a more pop feel to them, and some have an upbeat (and sometimes almost classic) rock taste to them. In the end, there is something for everyone, or if you are like me, you enjoy everything. I talked with the lead singer, and guitarist Rayce Harman about I'm Prettier Than You about the band and what they are doing!

Me: How do you get pumped up for a show?

Rayce Harman: There’s lots of different ways we get pumped up for shows and it all depends on the show. In practice is where most of it happens. We get our set list’s ready and that’s what we start practicing first. Then we add in all the changes we want and figure out what we plan on doing differently. Mainly, we just make sure our energy is up and we have all the tricks and treats ready to go by show day; since show day is usually all business and work to get equipment up. By that time were all stoked and ready to go crazy on stage.

Me: What is the best thing about playing music?

Rayce Harman: The best thing about playing music is collaborating and doing everything we can to create a song that gives something back to our listeners. We love providing people with an initial catchy hook or sound that draws you in from the beginning. After that we love adding “candy” is what I call it. Candy is all the little things that are sometimes hidden or not recognizable right away. Like sounds, different guitar parts, or special things that fit with the song. Really anything that we get excited about when we notice.  But in the end we create music we love so there is nothing that we don’t enjoy.

Me: Where do you get your inspiration from to write music?

Rayce Harman:  Inspiration is everywhere. We are most often inspired by everyday ideas or ideas that other band’s have tried and that we might think we can do better. We do our best to “step out of the scene” in a way though. We try to have the passion and goal that music used to have back when bands were all trying to sound different. While at the same time still creating music with a style that is somewhat recognizable to the scene that’s around now. So it becomes a combination of feeding off of each other for part of writing and going home where I can lock myself away from anything else that would influence me so I can try to write something original.

Me: Who do you someday hope to share the stage with?

Rayce Harman: That’s a hard one because there are so many different musicians and bands that are amazing in different way. Probably the one right now that would be the most enjoyable for all of us would be Paramore. That’s just one band that made it huge and is still in the light right now. They have everything going for them. Anywhere from lyrics, melody, performance, guitar sounds , song layouts, and so much more. I feel like we could learn the most from them right now and it would be helpful to be compared to the best that’s around today.

Me: Have you heard the new Punk Goes Pop 3? If so, what's your favorite song off the album?

Rayce Harman: From what I have heard Sparks the Rescue seems like they did the best at creating their own version of the song they had. They did the most with their song and I feel like they pulled it off better than the original. I wanted to keep listening to it.

Me: Do you have any advice for musicians looking for inspiration?

Rayce Harman: Yeah, I would say to try your best to be original. I feel like too many bands try too hard to sound like something else. Inspiration shouldn’t be stolen from someone else. Inspiration should be something that drives you. If you're going to create something make sure you create something no one else has yet, and make sure your trying to give something to the world even if you don’t think it will make it far.

You can check out I'm Prettier Than You on PureVolume here and listen to their EP Turning Pages. You can also check out their Facebook and find out more about the band here. Anyone that is into today's music scene should definitely check out I'm Prettier Than You. They appeal to fans of pop/punk, pop, alternative and nearly anything in-between. Feel free to leave comments and make sure to check out I'm Prettier Than You!

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