Monday, November 1, 2010

Phone Calls From Home Interview featuring Danny Stockman

Pop/rock band, Phone Calls From Home, rises from Boston Massachusetts. The band is signed to Red Blue Records, and is similar to bands like Boys Will Be Boys, Red Car Wire, and Runner Runner. The band was first formed in 2008, and since then has produced a self-titled EP and their debut album Connected. They also can write some pretty badass acoustic songs. I'd watch out for these guys, because they sure know what they are doing when it comes to writing music. I talked to their drummer Danny Stockman about Phone Calls From Home in a short interview, and here's what was said.

Me: Describe Phone Calls From Home in one sentence.

Danny Stockman: Phone Calls From Home is a pop/rock band that wants to influence people in a positive way.

Me: How did Phone Calls From Home get started?

Danny Stockman: Dave and Zack started the band together out of high school. 

Me: What inspires you to keep playing music?

Danny Stockman: What inspires me personally is the fact that music gives you a way to touch so many peoples lives.

Me: What's the best performance you have ever given?

Danny Stockman: I don't think I've really had a "best performance" yet. I'm learning more about music and performing everyday, so I think my best performance is still to come!

Me: Favorite Superhero?

Danny Stockman: My favorite superhero is definitely Spiderman! I've always loved him since I was a little kid.

Me: Best band of all time?

Danny Stockman: Lynyrd Skynyrd. 

Awesome! I love when bands still respect the classics. It's how music formed into what it is today. I would reccomend Phone Calls From Home to just about anyone. Especially those that like the pop, pop/rock scene. If you would like to check out the bands music, you can listen to almost all of their songs on iLike here or on PureVolume here . I'd also suggest you go to Itunes and pick up Connected. The album features some awesome songs, my personal favorite being "Keep This Dream Alive." A very catchy song. Anyway, make sure to check these guys out, and feel free to comment!

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