Monday, November 15, 2010

Interview with Carson

What's that you say? You don't know who Carson is? You should. They kick a lot of ass. The pop/alternative band from Concord, North Carolina is blowing up in popularity. Right now they have only released a few songs, but they plan on recording in January. That's right, January. So make sure to watch out for them. The band takes influences from some of the other greats in the pop/alternative scene like Paramore, Flyleaf, Versaemerge, and others. Taisha's voice is absolutely stunning to boot. I'd even be willing to say she is better than some of the other signed bands that have female vocalists. Carson stands out from other pop bands though, in their sense of style. They have an in-your-face approach, but its backed with amazing riffs, solos, and etc that are not so usual in the pop scene. I was given the oppurtunity to talk with the guys (and gals) from Carson, and here's what went on.

Me: How did the name "Carson" come about?

Carson: Taisha's friend's little brother is named Carson. He asks her to sing all the time. It was thrown into the pot when we were brainstorming names and we all thought it sounded the coolest. Short, and easy to remember.

Me: What is the biggest challenge that Carson has faced so far?

Carson: 1. Finding our sound, and satisfying ourselves. We are our biggest critics. 2. Developing solid practice schedule. It's hard with 5 people with different things going on. Jobs, school, etc.

Me: How do you go about getting booked for shows?

Carson: We have a lot of "friend bands" that we keep in touch with. We hop on their shows, and they hop on ours. We also just keep our ears open for shows/events, and check venue listings regularly. There are a lot of music fans in Charlotte, it isn't very tough.

Me: What is you biggest fear? Why?

Carson: Not being able to play/perform music anymore. There's no better way to spend time. Nothing's cooler than creating something that nobody has heard before and playing it live. We love it.

Me: What is the coolest concert/show you have ever been to?

Carson: G love and Special sauce. Local natives. No Doubt. Mutemath. You've been to Motley Crue. Mine would be Mutemath or G love.

Me: Biggest celebrity crush?

Carson: Taylor Swift, Jennifer Anniston, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson. 

If you want to hear some of Caron's work you can check out their PureVolume here. Any fans of the pop/alternative or modern pop scene should definitely check these guys out. I can't wait for their new music coming in January. You should also follow them on Twitter and keep up to date with what these guys are doing here. These guys are definitely something you should watch out for. A perfect blend of pop, and music at its finest.

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