Wednesday, November 10, 2010

North of the City Interview featuring Chris Visconti

From Pennsylvania, the four piece band North of the City dominates. The pop/punk rock band recently produced their first EP titled Swear on the Stars. North of the City writes songs that blend great pop/rock with a more serious punk attitude. It's a wonder these guys have caught the eyes of a record deal yet. Yes, they are that entertaining. One thing that I love about this band, and it's just a matter of personal preference, but the bass lines are sick. Unlike a lot of music today where the bass is unheard, they make sure its exposed. Bass with some badass parts only furthers the awesome experience of Chris Visconti's voice and the overall great sound of North of the City. I got a chance to talk with Chris Visconti, and here's what was said.

Me: What is your biggest influence?

Chris Visconti: We have a ton of very different influences, so picking one would be really tough. My personal biggest influence right now would have to be The All American Rejects.

Me: What is the greatest and worst thing about being in a full-time band?

Chris Visconti: The greatest thing is making music you love and connecting with people that love it right back. I'd have to say the worst is how many other bands there are, but in reality, all that does is force us to work even harder. 

Me: What are your goals for North of the City?

Chris Visconti: Our goals? We want to bring our music to as many people as we can throughout the world! I'd also love to tour with some outrageously huge artist like Dave Matthews or Kiss. 

Me: If you were a color, what color would you be? Why?

Chris Visconti: That's a tough one, I'd have to say green. Only because we're from Pennsylvania and if you look outside that's all you see!

Me: Name the best concert/show you have been to in the past year.

Chris Visconti: I saw Ke$ha a few weeks ago and her performance really blew my mind. She's a real entertainer.

Me: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Chris Visconti: Star Wars, for sure! Jabba the Hut is the man!

If you like pop/punk or pop/rock then make sure to check out North of the City. The band is getting bigger and bigger everyday, so make sure to keep up with them on Twitter here. You can also check out their PureVolume here and listen to their Swear On The Stars EP as well as their highly loved single "Make Me Sick". In all seriousness this band has got a good thing going for them. Pennsylvania is not very far from where I live so hopefully I'll have the privilege of seeing them come to Ohio soon! Feel free to leave comments, and make sure to check out Pennsylvania's sensation North of the City!

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