Monday, October 11, 2010

Highlight The Night Interview featuring Mitchell Gray

Rising from Atlanta, Georgia the pop/punk band Highlight The Night kicks ass and takes names. Highlight The Night is a three piece band (they only have a temporary drummer at the moment) with heavy influences of pop/punk, similar to bands like All Time Low and The Maine. Currently Highlight The Night remains unsigned but the band sounds promising with hopes of a record deal. Recently they just produced their first EP titled Summer Fever. I got a chance to talk to their vocalist/guitarist Mitchell Gray so he could tell us more about his band.

Me: Sum up the band Highlight the Night in 5 words.

Mitchell Gray: Sexy, funny, awesome, weird, orgasmic.

Me: How did this band start?

Mitchell Gray: Well I, Mitchell, started playing guitar and singing about two years ago and just started messing around trying to write some acoustic songs.Then i started moving my songs from acoustic to electric and eventually got better at writing songs. I got my friends together and we started jamming then we decided to hit the studio and record our first EP!

Me: Every band has some inspirations, what are yours?

Mitchell Gray: The first thing that ever inspired me to start playing guitar and writing songs was All Time Low's EP 'Put Up or Shut Up'. Alex Gaskarth is and will always be my biggest inspiration. He is so talented at what he does and he's just an awesome guy.

Me: What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

Mitchell Gray:  The hardest thing so far is finding a drummer. It is just so hard these days to find people who are good at their instruments and love the same music as you. We do not have a permanent drummer yet but we have a temporary one that is going to play some shows with us.

Me: Whats the biggest goal you hope to achieve with this band?

Mitchell Gray: Our biggest goal is probably to get signed but sadly the music industry is so fucked up these days that its so hard to get signed. But even if we never get signed that's perfectly fine with me because I started writing songs because its what I love, not to become rich or famous.

Me: What's your favorite band of all time?

Mitchell Gray:  Definitely All Time Low. Fucking amazing band.

Check out Highlight The Night if you haven't already. This is a band to definitely watch out for. Go to their PureVolume page here and check out their full EP Summer Fever. I'd easily reccomend this band to almost anyone that was a fan of pop/punk. I'd have to say my favorite song they have is "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us". It reminds me of the band Set It Off, and just has the great general pop/punk sound. However the band manages to prove that they can write acoustic too with their song "Summer Fever". Follow the band on twitter here and feel free to leave comments!

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