Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Smooth Man, Real Smooth..."

A Hero en Route
Wary As Bears
October 26, 2010

Fantastic. Hands down. A Hero en Route sent me a copy of their new EP Wary As Bears for review. I was actually pretty stoked because I've been a fan of the band since Therefore, I Fled. I dig the band's really mellow sound, it works well for them. A Hero en Route is from Evansville, Indiana. A traditional five-piece band, that writes indie/alternative music.

When I first listened to the new EP, I immediately remembered what made me originally become a fan of the band. The lyrics. They are amazing, and so damn well-written its ridiculous. They have a lot of meaning, and seem to paint a thoughtful picture. Bobby Angle's voice is crazy awesome too, not to mention the sweet, smooth guitar solos throughout the entire EP. The whole band just flows together really well. I'd say the songs that stood out the most to me were "Mask" and "Light and Dark". "Light and Dark" has one of the coolest bass parts that I've ever heard, and "Mask" has some crazy, sick guitar and an amazing chorus. The entire EP is fantastic, as well as the others they have managed to produce. Each individual song holds something unique, which is impressive. A Hero en Route is not your average band that makes every song sound the same, and you can really tell this band is working their asses off to produce great music.

To truly experience A Hero en Route, you just have to check them out. If you are a fan of City and Colour, Kings of Leon, or any band with that mellow, smooth sound then give A Hero en Route a listen. I'd also check them out if you are a big fan of that classic rock sound; smooth bass, simple drums, and guitar solos. You can look them up on PureVolume here and listen to "Light and Dark" and "Curses". You can also stay up to date with the band on Twitter here . Feel free to leave comments!

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