Thursday, October 7, 2010

Make Way For Set Your Goals!

Set Your Goals
This Will Be The Death Of Us
July 21, 2009

Set Your Goals does pop/punk how it's suppose to be done. The band has hardcore influences that give the band an edginess and a harder sound. Set Your Goals rose from San Francisco, CA in 2004 and continue to rally fans to this very day. This album especially shows the true talent that the guys from Set Your Goals possess. Hits like "This Will Be The Death Of Us" and "Gaia Bleeds(Make Way For Man)" back that statement up tremendously.

Set Your Goals was actually referred to me by a friend quite some time ago, and I remember driving down the road in his car and listening to this album. Right off the bat I noticed this bands raw, more hardcore sound that other pop/punk bands don't have. I liked it, it was actually a breath of fresh air. This is also a band that knows how to do dual vocals the way they are suppose to be done.

The first time I heard "Gaia Bleeds(Make Way For Man)" I'm pretty sure I forced my friend to play it about four more times. It's easily my favorite song off the album, but that definitely doesn't mean the other songs aren't well put together. This Will Be The Death Of Us is one of those albums I can actually put in and listen to all the way through without any complaints.

If you haven't checked out Set Your Goals yet, you're missing out. I'd reccomend this band to almost anyone that enjoys pop/punk or even anyone into hardcore. You can check out a few songs from their album on PureVolume ,  as well as songs from their first full length album Mutiny. Feel free to leave comments!

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